Gift Socks-10498-24
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Gift Socks-10498-24



Gift Socks-10498-24

Branded Socks | High Quality | Best Prices @ Reflexions Store.





A Socks-10498-24 is a clothing piece worn on the feet covering the ankle. The men’s sock comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. In ancient era sock were made of leather. Due to the increase in demand socks were manufactured in fabric material.

There are variety of sock available includes mainly four types. Full Socks, Half Sock, Sock Ankle or Low Cut and No Show.

The main role of sock is absorbing sweat in the body. It provides fresh feeling to a wearer. In summer the sock are worn to keep the feet cool.

Moreover, to absorb heat in the body one must use dark colors sock. Light colors sock reduces heat in the body. It keeps the feet cool.

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