Givenchy Lipstick Rouge Interdit-15

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Givenchy Lipstick Rouge Interdit-15

100 % Authentic Shade No 15| Rouge Interdit, Order Now @

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Givenchy Lipstick Rouge Interdit-15

The Givenchy Lipstick Rouge Interdit-15 is a captivating hue that encapsulates both allure and individuality. This shade, meticulously crafted, strikes a delicate balance between a warm rose and a subtle mauve, resulting in a color that complements a variety of styles and occasions.

With precise formulation, this lipstick glides effortlessly, coating your lips in a velvety texture that is both comfortable and luxurious. The intense yet refined pigmentation ensures a lasting impact, while the weightless feel makes it a joy to wear.

Packaged in Givenchy’s signature style, the Lipstick Rouge Interdit-15 arrives in an exquisite case adorned with the brand’s emblem, making it a symbol of sophistication that stands out in your beauty collection.

For those seeking a lipstick that embodies both confidence and elegance, Rouge Interdit-15 becomes a testament to self-expression. It’s a reminder that beauty is diverse, capable of enhancing your distinctive charm and leaving an indelible impression in every step of your journey.

Givenchy Lipstick Rouge Interdit-15

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