Gift Givenchy Ready-To-Cleanse Cream-In-Gel 150ml



Givenchy Ready-To-Cleanse Cream-In-Gel 150ml

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Delicately exfoliate with the soothing touch of prickly pear extract, complemented by the moisturizing prowess of glycerin.

Experience a cleansing ritual that’s gentle on the skin, leaving behind neither tightness nor discomfort, only a soft and immaculate canvas.

Through the synergistic effects of prickly pear extract’s tender exfoliation and glycerin’s nurturing hydration, this cleansing solution takes on a gel-like texture that gracefully morphs into a creamy foam upon encountering water.

Effortlessly bid adieu to makeup, impurities, and the wear of urban life, as this formula works its magic. Enriched with Opuntia Cactus Flower Extract, it goes the extra mile by imparting antioxidant protection.

The aftermath is nothing short of a velvety, refined, and luminous complexion. Suitable for all skin types, Givenchy Ready-To-cleanse experience that embodies care and radiance.

Givenchy Ready-To-Cleanse

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