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Huda beauty eyeshadow palette price in pakistan

With 9 Adorable Shades. 100% Authentic Huda Beauty Shadows Palette

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Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette Coral

Explore a variety of delightful eyeshadow palettes within the PASTELS lineup, inspired by Huda’s latest captivation with pastel tones. Every palette offers a versatile spectrum of appearances, ranging from subtle to dynamic and energetic!

Introducing the Pastels Coral Obsessions palette: Merging warm and cool tones in a captivating fusion, this palette adorns your eyelids with soft mint and apple green matte shades. It showcases pistachio, teal, and icy aqua shimmers, accompanied by a touch of honey-bronze shimmer and a sumptuous tan matte shade.

huda beauty eyeshadow palette price in pakistan which contains 9 eyeshadows with matte and mix of metallic finish.




• Effortlessly blend the shadows together, incorporating deeper tones into the crease, and applying lighter shades along the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.

• Craft bold and captivating looks by extending the color to your lips and cheeks.

• Utilize a smudge or liner brush to fashion vivid liner styles either on the eyelid or along the lower lash line.

• Achieve an incredibly glossy, radiant gaze by sweeping one of the pearlescent metallic jelly shadows across the lid.

• While each individual shadow can stand alone, each palette is thoughtfully curated with harmonious and dynamic shades. Embrace experimentation with these shades to craft a myriad of mesmerizing and dreamy effects.

huda beauty eyeshadow palette price in pakistan
huda beauty eyeshadow palette price in pakistan

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