UDV perfume price-10198-Men
Gift UDV perfume price-10198-Men
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Gift UDV perfume price-10198-Men



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Gift UDV perfume price-10198-Men| Box Set

UDV perfumes, renowned for their exquisite blends and timeless elegance, captivate the senses with their allure in Pakistan. While the demand for UDV fragrances continues to soar, consumers often seek information on UDV perfume price-10198-Men to indulge in luxury without compromise.

The allure of UDV perfumes lies not only in their enchanting scents but also in their accessibility, offering a touch of sophistication within reach. With a diverse range of fragrances to choose from, each bottle embodies the essence of refinement and charm.

In Pakistan, the pricing of UDV perfumes reflects their superior quality and craftsmanship, making them a coveted choice among fragrance enthusiasts. Whether it’s the floral notes of UDV Gold Issime or the woody undertones of UDV Flash, there’s a scent to suit every taste and occasion.

EAU DE TOILETTE : Alcohol denat., Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

DEODORANT : Butane, Alcohol denat., Propane, Isobutane, Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Dimethyl phenylpropanol, Pentylene glycol, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

UDV perfume price -10198-Men

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